Dolby Atmos Mastering

Dolby Atmos Mastering

What is Dolby Atmos Mastering and who is it for?
Much like a stereo master, Dolby Atmos Mastering focuses on the final touches, and ensures that the deliverables meet the approval specifications by Dolby, DSPs and, if applicable, your record label.  

Examples of when Dolby Atmos mastering might be useful for you:

  • – If you have completed your Dolby Atmos mixes on headphones, and need someone to adjust the mixes in a studio environment.
  • – If you have completed your Dolby Atmos mixes in a non-Dolby approved studio.
  • – If you require an experienced professional to take your Dolby Atmos mixes to the next level.
  • – If you are unsure of delivery guidelines and specifications, or you simply want someone else to do this.

What do we need to master your music in Dolby Atmos?
In order to master your songs in Dolby Atmos, we require your finished Dolby Atmos mixes in ‘ADM BWAV’ format and the stereo masters. You can also provide your binaural templates you may be using in the Dolby renderer, should you wish to. Lastly, any comments or direction on how you’d like the masters to sound. 

What does the approval process look like?
W will provide you with the updated ‘ADM BWAV’ files (master) so you can listen to them in your studio. If you don’t have access to a Dolby Atmos studio, we will send you the mastered binaural render so you can listen to them on headphones. Should you wish to listen to the Dolby Atmos masters in our studios, we can accommodate this as well.

Once the masters are approved, we will deliver ‘ADM MWAV’ files for each song. We will ensure that these deliverables meet the criteria that DSPs require, through their automated file analysis systems, in order to ensure the successful uploading of files. 

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