Question De Son | Paris | 'Parisian style and quality.'
Jazzanova Recording Studio | Berlin | 'High-end studio, housing a wealth of classic and cutting-edge equipment.'
Grand Street Recording | New York | 'A musician-oriented studio.'
Art&Music Recording | Milan | 'Creativity on your side'
Westpoint Studios | London | 'Creative vibe from the moment you enter.'
Blue Bell Hill | Kent | 'Residential retreat one hour from London.'
The Bridge | London | 'Take it to The Bridge.'
The Chairworks | Leeds | 'No Compromise.'
Prime Studio | Austria | 'Adding sparkle to your music.'
Summerfield Studios | Birmingham | 'Create a vision and make it reality.'
The Square | London | '70s retro pimp machine.'
The Airlab | Kingston upon Thames | 'Sculpting sound'
Artillery Studios | London | 'Stunning SSL mix room in the heart of Spitalfields'
Perry Vale Studios | London | 'Kerchang! Pttang! Flerdang!'
Freudenhaus Studio | Berlin | 'Berlin's house of joy.'
SAM Recording Studio | Italy | 'Stunning residential studio In Tuscany.'
Soho Sound Kitchen | London | 'A brand new 5.1 recording studio in King's Cross.'
Osea Island | Essex | 'Some things are best kept secret.'
Kensaltown Studio A | London | 'Home of the Kensaltown Kings.'
SNK Studios | London | 'Central London audio post studios.'
No.1 Baltic Place | London | 'Creative home from home.'
The Great Escape Studio | London | 'Come run away with us!'
The Bunker Studio | New York | 'The best sounding rooms in NYC!'
El Mirador | Granada | 'Nirvana.'
The Bunker | London | 'Having a blast!'
Sonic Vista Studios | Ibiza | 'The magic of Ibiza.'
The Park Studios | Brighton | 'Come and play in the park.'
The Church Studio 2 | London | 'This is the sound.'
Welcome to 1979 | Nashville | 'Fingers on strings, hands on faders, music on tape.'
Sleeper Sounds | London | 'A writer's paradise.'
Spinroad Recording Studios | Gothenburg | 'Be inspired!'
H.O.M.E. Studios | Hamburg | 'H.O.M.E. is where the music lives!'
The Red Room | Paris | Vive la différence
Marsandiz Studios | Istanbul | 'Experience Marsandiz now!'
East West Studios | Los Angeles | 'Shaping the way music is heard'
Red Kite Studio | Wales | 'The power of performed music.'
Black Rock | Santorini | 'If God was a rock star.'
One Two Pass It | Paris | 'Track it, mix it, pass it'
The Cabin | London | 'Bespoke writing/recording studio.'
The Church Studio 3 | London | 'The Stanley Kubrick writing studio.'
Babajim Mastering | Istanbul | 'A global perspective on mastering.'
Toast | London | 'Crumbs!'
Clear Lake Recording Studios | Los Angeles | 'Great records start here.'
Ocean Way Nashville | Nashville | 'It's gonna be great!'
The Toy Rooms Studio | Brighton | 'Play away.'
The Summerhouse | Essex | 'A writer's paradise.'
Angelic Studio | Northamptonshire | 'Knocking on heaven's door.'
Assault & Battery 2 | London | 'Fully charged and no limits.'
La Chapelle | Belgium | 'Enter the holy ground.'
Sundlaugin | Reykjavik | 'The backbone of Icelandic music production.'
Studios 301 Sydney | Sydney | 'The future sound of music.'
Swarapadi | Bali | 'Eat, record and play.'
La Fabrique | France | 'The crème de la crème.'
The Engine Room | London | 'Engine Room calling Bridge.'
The Agafay Studio | Morocco | 'An escape to creativity.'
Valley Recording Company | Los Angeles | 'Free your mind and your tracks will follow.'
The Church Studio 1 | London | 'The resurrection.'
Livingston Studio 1 | London | 'An immense London tracking studio.'
Babajim Studio A | Istanbul | 'Istanbul's inspiring urban oasis.'
Lake Malvik | Sweden | 'The great Nordic getaway.'
Forward Studios | Rome | 'The Italian choice.'
Karma Sound Studios | Thailand | 'If James Bond had a recording studio it would be Karma.'
Studio Trilogy - SSL Room | San Francisco | 'The K by the bay.'
Lightship95 | London | 'The boat that rocks.'
Lion Aboard | London | 'Make yourself at home.'
Assault & Battery 1 | London | 'More than just a mix room.'
Retreat Recording Studios | Brighton | "Why not treat yourself?"
The Motor Museum | Liverpool | 'The north's most iconic recording studio!'
Estudio Del Sur | Chile | 'Sometimes the right sound comes from where it is least expected.'
Eldorado Recording Studios | Los Angeles | 'World-class tracking and mixing. Exceptional coffee.'
The Pool | London | 'Going rather swimmingly.'

Miloco Recording Studios

What's good for you is good for Miloco

Welcome to Miloco Studios

Miloco offer a range of excellent worldwide recording studios, carefully selected for different purposes and budgets.

We are your complete guide to searching for quality studios, from our three-studio headquarters and producer Paul Epworth’s The Church Studios in London to the luxurious Black Rock located on the Greek island of Santorini. No matter your desired location, all the studios in our directory are world class.

Find the best studios across the world as recommended by the small Miloco team on the website, then call +44 (0) 207 232 0008 or contact

Booking recording studios is simple: just do it with Miloco.

Latest Release Recorded at Miloco

Lianne La Havas - Blood

Lianne La Havas’ second album, the bold and exceptionally produced ‘Blood’, was released on 31 July 2015. Informed by a trip to Jamaica but additionally inspired by her Greek heritage, the set was preceded by the tracks ‘Unstoppable’ and ‘What You Don't Do’. Recorded by Adele/FKA twigs collaborator producer Paul Epworth and engi…

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4th August 2015

Miloco clients favourites for Mercury Prize

Everything Everything, Wolf Alice, Florence + The Machine and Blur are the Miloco clients predicted to win the 2015 Mercury Prize. B…

3rd August 2015

Livingston Studios adds modulation pedals

Our colleagues Miloco Gear have built three new pedal boards that feature at Livingston Studio 1. Each board has its own specific p…

31st July 2015

Lianne La Havas: Producing ‘Blood’

Lianne La Havas’ second album, the bold and exceptionally produced ‘Blood’, was released today. Informed by a trip to Jamaica …

30th July 2015

Red Emperor win studio time

Music discovery platform Tradiio rewarded indie rock band Red Emperor a day in the studio with us after dominating the Tradiio charts. …

29th July 2015

Jon Olliffe starts as Miloco engineer

Miloco Studios have begun managing engineer Jon Olliffe. Jon started his career following in the footsteps of Spike Stent at the res…

28th July 2015

Livingston Studios image gallery gets update

Images showing the latest additions to Livingston Studio 1 have been put in the recording facility’s gallery. If you are a regular…

27th July 2015

Take a look at Livingston’s gain/overdrive/fuzz pedalboard

Our colleagues Miloco Gear have built three new pedal boards that feature at Livingston Studio 1. Each board has its own specific pu…

23rd July 2015

Don Broco: Recording ‘Automatic’

Alternative rock outfit Don Broco have documented how they went about partly making their album 'Automatic’ at Angelic Studio. Check …

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