The Square | London | '70s retro pimp machine.'
The Toy Rooms Studio | Brighton | 'Play away.'
The Bunker Studio | New York | 'The best sounding rooms in NYC!'
No.1 Baltic Place | London | 'Creative home from home.'
Sonic Vista Studios | Ibiza | 'The magic of Ibiza.'
Question De Son | Paris | 'Parisian style and quality.'
The Pool | London | 'Going rather swimmingly.'
The Engine Room | London | 'Engine Room calling Bridge.'
Eldorado Recording Studios | Los Angeles | 'World-class tracking and mixing. Exceptional coffee.'
The Summerhouse | Essex | 'A writer's paradise.'

Miloco Recording Studios

What's good for you is good for Miloco

Welcome to Miloco Studios

Miloco offer a range of excellent worldwide recording studios, carefully selected for different purposes and budgets.

We are your complete guide to searching for quality studios, from our three-studio headquarters and producer Paul Epworth’s The Church Studios in London to the luxurious Black Rock located on the Greek island of Santorini. No matter your desired location, all the studios in our directory are world class.

Find the best studios across the world as recommended by the small Miloco team on the website, then call +44 (0) 207 232 0008 or contact

Booking recording studios is simple: just do it with Miloco.

Latest Release Recorded at Miloco

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

The whole Hot Chip album ‘Why Make Sense?’ was recorded at Angelic Studio.

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