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123 Studios - Mobile Recording Rig for Location Recordings

123 Studios offers a fully mobile recording rig. 

With up to 12 channels (8 direct, 12 if summed). We can offer a very portable recording set up that includes over £10,000 worth of high end mics/pre amps and recording equipment. All recorded in to Pro tools 9 . 

The rig is best suited to smaller acoustic set ups but it is possible to record larger ensembles. Ideal for film and TV location recordings.

We can provide engineer to set up and operate the system as well any post production/mixing duties that might be needed. 

Location recordings include - Ghostpoet (Brownswood), Katy B, (Columbia)  Micachu (rough trade), Labrinth (Syco), Cymbals (Fatcat )Pepstar