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Unsigned Mixing and Free Mastering

Here at 123, we are able to offer world-class mixing on a classic SSL E series console with mix engineer/Producer Brett Shaw ( Florence and the Machine , Foals ).

Brett spends his time helping others make music. Working with established and up and coming artists and bands, his past three major-label albums have reached No 2, No 2, and No 1 in the UK album charts respectively.

His two most recent albums produced for independent artists have 32 million and 15 million streams respectively with the most recent reaching No1 in the Spanish physical album charts ( No 2 in the Itunes Chart) and was at No 3 in the world for vinyl sales for two weeks. Both of these albums were mixed and mastered by Brett.

The unsigned mixing deal involves paying the studio day rate to mix your tracks, so you have more control over your budget. So in effect you are only paying for a world class studio and world class engineer (at a very reasonable combined rate – while paying no actual mix fee on top, that a label would normally pay). As well as this, Mastering is also included for free . Get in touch for more details and rates.

Successful independent artists to take advantage of the mix deal include Sal Dulu, who's first three singles all have over a million streams as well as four number ones in the Hype Machine chart. Bretts Mixes ( and production) for Izal reached No1 in the Spanish physical album sales chart (no 2 in the Itunes chart) . Mixes For Ewan J Philips and Izal's albums both have over ten million streams.

To give you an idea of what is possible- For an absolute killer mix, you might want to spend a whole day on a mix. A lot of the very best mixers can do two outstanding mixes in a day . Depending on the complexity of the productions Its possible to get three or four great ones. For example loop based music takes less time than a full band arrangement with many different sections. With simple acoustic music it is possible to do even more. It's ideal for projects with multiple songs as you can spread the songs out over a few days and some tracks will naturally take longer than others.

The mix room at 123 is one of the best around. With ATC scm50 monitors and hardware which includes – Unfairchild, Lavry Gold, UREI 1176,1178, La2a, API 2500, Distressor and DBX 160x, DBX 165a, Chandler TG1, Curve Bender, Pultec eqp1s3. X2 Pultec EQP 1A x2, Neve 33102s (1084s) Neve 1272s, Red 47, API 550/560, Chandler Little Devil, Harrison eq, , Coil audio, Tree Audio, Capi Pres, Clariphonic, Tonelux eq, Spl Transient Designers, RMX 16, H3000, chorus Echo, Spl Vitaliser, Four different tape machines including Ampex, Studer, Otari and Revox, you will hard pressed to find a better equipped mix room.

Unsigned Mixing and Mastering examples can be found below. (All artists on the playlist below have had over a million streams with Brett mixing their tracks ).

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