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123 Studios Overview

123 Studios features a spacious wooden live room ( 7M x 5.5M) , a large control room with fully soundproofed programming and writing rooms.

The main studio makes use of a great selection of over 20 discrete class-A preamps and DI's, along one of the finest mic collections in the U.K. (Vintage Neumann U47 tube, U47 FET, U67s, M249b (M49),TELEFUNKEN 251E, U87, KM84's, Bock 251 and Ifet, Flea 47, Coles 4038s, Rca 77d, AEA 44, AKG 414 and d12, M160, 241s, RE20s etc) All recorded to an HDX rig with Pro Tools 12 or 10 on an 8 core mac pro with LAVRY GOLD and 32 channels of the new Avid HD I/O converters or fully analogue on to 24 track tape (on request).

The lovely vintage SSL E series was considered the Rolls Royce of recording consoles in its day. Vintage SSLs like this one are responsible for mixing more hits than any other console in history. 

With highly accurate monitoring and lots of classic outboard gear including ATC 50 SCM50a, 3M tape Machine, UNFAIRCHILD, PULTEC x2 , NEVE 33102s (1084s), NEVE 1272s, UREI 1176,1178, La2a, API 2500, Distressor and DBX 160x, DBX 165,, Chandler TG1, Curve Bender, API 550/560,  Chandler Little Devil, Harrison,, Clariphonic and TONELUX EQs, 123 makes for a great mixing environment. It's a modern studio set up that is designed to be extremely simple to use for other engineers.

The live room acoustics are easily changed by an adjustable ceiling cloud that changes the length of the natural room reverb, going from a large open sound to a tight punchy one in just a few seconds. (now with electric winched Drumbrella)

The studio specialises in live band tracking with three additional booths with great sight lines, suitable for various sources of acoustic/vocal or amped instruments.

The control room now features ATC SCM50asl monitors and was built with the premise of asking acoustician Nick Whitaker (Abbey Road,  Olympic studios, The Red Room, The Albert hall) what is exactly the perfect size and shape room to get the best/most accurate monitoring possible. 

All backline is available at no extra cost.


Hear the sound of the studio here -https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1W5eeWeY5XOfQWV7nzgOue?si=599c1ad25b984270

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