Arda Recorders

"A multi-studio complex for recording, mixing and mastering in Porto, Portugal."

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Mastering Room

Our Mastering Room was built from the ground up with the most precise acoustics in mind, making this the best room in our facility to do the final quality control of your music.

Monitoring is done via a pair of ATC SCM110ASL Pro speakers, flush mounted into the front wall. This system is super precise, yet musical, so clients in attendance will quickly get a grip on what's going on.

At the heart of the mastering room there's a BURL Mothership system that, when paired with our analog gear, can be ultra precise and accurate for doing minimal and transparent work on your record - just putting the finishing touches. With the same system we can also selectively add tons of transformers and tubes to the signal path for when your music needs that extra something. That's only on the analog side of things, we still have great DSP available for maximum accuracy and transparency if needed.

More and more projects are being mastered remotely nowadays, and although we love attended sessions, feel free to consider us for the mastering of your music even if you're thousands of miles away.

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