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"A multi-studio complex for recording, mixing and mastering in Porto, Portugal."

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Studio B

Studio B is a mid-size recording studio with Dolby Atmos Music capabilities.

Equipped with a 7.1.4 Dynaudio speaker setup and Apogee converters, this is a great room for mixing all kinds of music from mono to 3D immersive audio.

In the heart of its control room sits a 32 channel Rupert Neve 5088. With 90V rails, this discrete Class A console with custom transformers has a very musical sound and serves as an amazing front-end for tracking.

This studio has a mid sized live room, with a great sightline to the control room, and an Iso Booth that is perfect for placing amps or vocals in larger recording sessions.

Outboard pre-amplification and signal processing is available with classic and modern equipment from high-end manufacturers such as Undertone Audio, Tube-Tech, Avalon, Chandler Limited and others. Cue signals for the artists are handled by the Mytek PrivateQ system, which provides clean (and loud!) headphone amplification for even the most demanding drummer.

Sharing the same mic locker and backline collection of the bigger Studio A, this room offers a great bang for your buck be it in tracking, overdub or mixing sessions.

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