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Control Room A Overview

Studio A is the largest of the three control rooms (50m2 - 538ft2 ) and is suited for recording, stereo mixing and mastering. The control room has direct visibility with four of the six recording areas. It has a large window 5m x 2.8m (16ft x 9ft) which looks into the main recording area and drum booth. Two lateral windows give direct line of site to the adjacent booths. Studio A is one of the best in Europe. It features a 48 Channel SSL Duality Console Avid Pro Tools HDX and monitoring is provided by Dynaudio Acoustics M4+ and Air 25 speakers. The studio comes with a full complement of high end outboard, microphones and plug-ins.

The facility offers exceptional, simultaneous multi-track, 48 channel recordings from six separate booths. It is also fitted to manage Full HD video equipment, and is connected to Control Room B and Control Room C, offering the possibility to produce top quality full HD videos, from pre-production, to shooting, to editing.

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