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At Art&Music nothing was left to chance. The building project was developed and managed by a team of top level professionals headed by Josif Vezzoli of JVC Acoustics.

Great attention was given to the design, acoustic isolation and treatment of the studios. this means that every space sounds perfect for whatever you want to do, whether it be recording, editing, mixing, post-production or mastering.

The state-of-the-art technical features are complemented by an attractive, stylish interior design, and this makes Art&Music the ideal facility for every kind of production.

Every room was built to the same high standard. Floating floors were fitted to eliminate all mechanical vibrations. On top of the floating floor, an isolation shell was built using the classic room-within-a-room method. It is made of laminated wooden beams supporting layers of birch plywood and sheets of plasterboard, and filled with rock wool. Particular attention and expertise are needed for this kind of work in order to comply with the high standards of the design that require the shells to be totally independent from the existing walls, yet strong and stable.

Specific acoustic treatment was then applied inside the shells, according to the particular use of each room. The acoustic treatment is contained in complex wooden frames which have two functions: firstly they contain the absorbent material, the baffles, and the silenced plenums for the air conditioning; second, covered in fabric, they define the final internal shape of the walls and ceiling of each room, also hosting the lighting system.

Reflective elements such as wooden panels, stone shells, were integrated into the acoustic design to control the diffusion and the diffraction of the sound and are therefore functional as well as aesthetic. To further ensure that no sound is transmitted from one room to another, all rooms have dedicated, independent ventilation systems.

Recording areas

With a surface of more than 200 m2 (2,150f2) divided into 5 recording areas which includes a a drum booth, a piano booth and a main live room of 110 m2 (1,184f2), Art&Music can host up to 50 musicians simultaneously. All booths are completely acoustically isolated and are wired to each other and to all the control rooms. The glass windows allow visual communication from the recording areas and with the control rooms.

Thanks to its large size and full HD Video wiring (like all the other recording booths), the Main Recording Area can be also used for the production of video clips and TV formats.

FInally,  the complex has a Multi-Function/Chroma Key Room, a 30m2 (323ft2) green-walled room dedicated to green-screen video recordings and audio dubbing for video and television. Professional studio lighting rigs have been installed along with two automated white screen backdrops which can instantly transform the room into a photo set. A 6m (19ft) high mezzanine on the first floor allows for "bird's eye view" shots.

All of these rooms can be controlled from Control Room A, B and C. 

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