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Forward Studios Caesar Overview

Forward Studios Caesar is the perfect work-vacation facility in Rome; the best recording studio and the most historical city in Italy... all in one!

Located 330 meters above sea level and immersed in the green hills of Rome, this 'urban oasis' is a fundamental reason why musicians are attracted to the Forward Studios. The hills provide exceptional views that look out across 'The Eternal City' - the perfect setting to inspire any recording project.

Within the studios themselves, a combination of spacious and airy rooms, stylish decoration and state-of-the-art equipment, together with a luxurious relaxation area guarantee a high level of comfort and client satisfaction.

The studio measures 1500 square meters in total and is split between a control room, main live area and three booths, all of which have great visibility between them, but of course boast exceptional isolation thanks to a world class design. The control room is based around a Neve 88R console, Pro Tools HD3 rig kept in a separate machine room, excellent monitoring and brilliant collection of outboard equipment. For bands wanting to record, there is an amazing collection of microphones and backline (some of which is available at an extra cost - contact us for details).

The relaxation areas look onto the garden and the upper floor (reached via a lift) offers characteristic open spaces. There are also some offices which are made available to clients. The studio management's offices are also on this floor.

Forward Studios is part of a complex which includes accommodation, a gym and wellness centre, moreover, they are surrounded by some of the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities in Rome. We are only a few kilometres from the centre of Rome and 20 minutes from the Coliseum. There are several main roads nearby that give easy access to the city centre and other nearby areas.

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