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Forward Studios Intro

Forward Studios is based in Rome, Italy. Its 'Caesar' studio was built from the owner's desire to create a "Sound Factory" that could match the most prestigious studios around the world. After years of technical research, collaborations with experts and consultaions from within the sector, this is now a reality.

Driven by an ambition to create a studio with a perfect equilibrium between atmosphere and high end technology, Forward Studios has been built to the highest possible standards and serves as a hugely relaxing and comfortable recording and mixing environment. Measuring 1500 square meters in total, it has a main live room with three additional booths filled with microphones and backline, and a state-of-the-art control room based around a Neve 88R console and stacks of exceptional outboard gear. 

Based in an antique three storey villa built in a Roman style, this is an exclusive 'studio oasis' located in an extraordinarily beautiful area, but still close to metropolitan Rome - the perfect balance of inspirational surroundings. 

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