Guilford Sound

"Made in Vermont"

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Recent Clients

Beantown Swing Orchestra
Benjamin Lazar Davis
Bill Esses
Billy Strauss
Bridget Davis & the Viking Kings
Corin Nelsen
Dan Trueman
Dexter Brown
Doug Perkins
Eugene Friesen
Eugene Uman
Fist & Heel Performance Group
Franz W. Robert II
Geoff Kraly
Ghost Robot Ninja Bear
Grey McMurray
Harrison Marcello
Heidi Anne Breyer
Jack Daley
Jason O’Brien

Jason Treuting
Jeff Galindo
Joan Wasser
John Scagliotti
Jon Protas
Josh Quillen
Lawson White
Matan Rubinstein
Matt Marinelli
Michael Zsoldos
Mike Wexler
North Highlands
Oscar Albis Rodriguez
Paul Dedell
Pavel Zustiak / Palissimo
Peter & Mary Alice Amidon
Rebecca Holtz
Reggie Wilson
Russ Flynn
Satoshi Takeishi
Sebastian Cruz
So Percussion
Speedy Ortiz
Starry Mountain Singers
Stephen Katz
Stephen Perrone
Sterling Campbell
Steven Mackey
Takeishi Stomu
Tag Gross
The Snaz
The Limes
The New Yorker
Toni Atari
Valerie June
Vermont Performance Lab
Water Street
Zach Allen
Zeke Hecker

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