Les Studios Saint Germain

"Vintage warmth and modern comforts in the heart of Paris."

Les Studios Saint Germain Floorplan

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Studio A Equipment

    • 1300ft2 live Room. Great Acoustic. Neve Desk and one of the best Steinway Piano in town. Private relax room with daylight.

      1300ft2 live Room. Great Acoustic. Neve Desk and one of the best Steinway Piano in town. Private relax room with daylight.

  • Desk
    • Neve 3188 44x24

      Neve 3188

  • Speakers
    • Barefoot MicroMain27 Studio Monitors

      Barefoot MicroMain27 Studio Monitors

      These 3.5-way active monitors have been taking the recording industry by storm in recent years. With first generation MM27s sitting pretty in Miloco’s The Red Room, The Church, Angelic and The Pool studios, you know you’re in safe hands with these speakers. Paul Epworth in fact has two pairs in his Church Studios complex!

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    • Yamaha NS10 Monitors

      Yamaha NS10 Monitors

    • Genelec 1037B Studio Monitors (On demand)

      Genelec 1037B Studio Monitors

  • Recorder
    • Avid Pro Tools HDX

      Avid Pro Tools HDX

    • SSL XLogic Alpha-Link Madi-SX AD/DA Converter

      SSL XLogic Alpha-Link Madi-SX AD/DA Converter

    • Digidesign 192 Interface

      Digidesign 192 Interface

      The Digidesign 192 I/OTM 16-channel digital au- dio interface is for use in a Pro Tools|HD system and features 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters. The 192 I/O supports sample rates of up to 192 kHz for supe- rior dynamic range and low noise floor.

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    • Studer A827 Tape Recorder

      Studer A827 Tape Recorder

  • Mic Pre's
    • Avalon VT-737SP Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ Channel Strip

      Avalon VT-737SP Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ Channel Strip

      The VT-737SP has three input selections: 1. The VT-737SP features a higher-performance microphone input transformer with +48v phantom selection. 2. Instrument DI high source input with jack located on front panel. 3. Balanced line input, discrete high-level Class A. The Class A preamplifier utilizes two cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes configured with minimum negative feedback. A high gain switch boosts the overall gain of the preamplifier. The four high quality tubes are configured as singled ended anode coupled followers. A passive-variable high pass filter and hard-wire relay bypass completes the input signal conditioning. The phase reverse relay is available on all three inputs.

    • Neve 4081 Mic Preamp

      Neve 4081 Mic Preamp

    • Telefunken V72 Mic Pre-Amp (x2)

      Telefunken V72 Mic Pre-Amp

      At the dawn of the 1960s, AEG-Telefunken was a major manufacturer of broadcast equipment, and their systems were found in radio stations around the globe. The venerable V72 and its relatives were an important part of these facilities: rugged, dependable, quality units that stayed in operation for decades, and are still highly valued today.

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  • Compressors
    • Alan Smart C2 Stereo Compressor

      Alan Smart C2 Stereo Compressor

      This outboard compressor can be used in a dual-mono or linked-stereo configuration. Engaging the "crush" control will really accentuate your compression in a musical way.

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    • Urei 1176 Black Face Compressor

      Urei 1176 Black Face Compressor

    • Urei 1176 Silverface

      Urei 1176 Silverface

    • DBX 160X Compressor/Limiter

      DBX 160X Compressor/Limiter

    • DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter

      DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter

      Most compressor/gates provide less than musical compression, coupled with gating that swallows transients—or closes early, cutting off decay and reverb tails. The superb engineering in the 166 ensures that both its compression and gating provide versatility and excellent sonic performance in situations where other compressor/gates typically produce undesirable processing artifacts.

  • FX
    • Lexicon PCM70 Digital Effects Processor

      Lexicon PCM70 Digital Effects Processor

      This digital effects unit has a range of reverbs & delays to suit any mix. This unit encourages you to tweak and explore the capabilities to get any desired sound.

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    • Lexicon PCM80 Digital Effects Processor

      Lexicon PCM80 Digital Effects Processor

    • Lexicon 300 Digital Effects System

      Lexicon 300 Digital Effects System

    • Lexicon Prime Time II Digital Delay

      Lexicon Prime Time II Digital Delay

  • Mics
    • Neumann U 47 Tube (x3)

      Neumann U 47 Tube

    • Neumann U 47 FET (x6)

      Neumann U 47 FET

      An essential contributor to sound recordings of the 1960s and 1970s this microphone decisively affected the spatial dimension of the sound and the tonal depth of countless productions.

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    • Neumann U 67 Tube (x5)

      Neumann U 67 Tube

      The Neumann U 67 is a multipattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a tube-and-transformer topology. It was introduced by Neumann in 1960 with the intention of replacing the U 47 in Neumann’s product line.

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    • Neumann U 87

      Neumann U 87

      The Neumann U87 features 3 switchable polar patterns and has a -10dB pad. A very popular microphone.

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    • Neumann KM 56 Valve (x2)

      Neumann KM 56 Valve

    • Neumann M 149 Tube (x2)

      Neumann M 149 Tube

    • Neumann M 49 b

      Neumann M 49 b

    • Neumann SM 69

      Neumann SM 69

    • Neumann TLM 103

      Neumann TLM 103

    • Neumann TLM 170

      Neumann TLM 170

    • Neumann KMS 85

      Neumann KMS 85

    • Neumann KM 84 (x3)

      Neumann KM 84

    • Schoeps CMC 6 (x2)

      Schoeps CMC 6

    • DPA 4009 (x2)

      DPA 4009

    • Coles 4038 (x2)

      Coles 4038

      The Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is a British Broadcasting (BBC) design favourite for broadcasting and recording applications. It is used where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absence of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential.

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    • Royer R 121 (x4)

      Royer R 121

    • Shure SM94

      Shure SM94

    • Shure SM57 (x5)

      Shure SM57

      The legendary SM57 is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic microphone tuned for the clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments. The SM57 is ideal for sound reinforcement and recording applications.

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    • Shure SM58

      Shure SM58

      The legendary SM58 is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. The SM58 is consistently the first choice for vocal performances around the globe.

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    • Melodium Model 75-A

      Melodium Model 75-A

    • AKG D 19 (x2)

      AKG D 19

      The D19 was a cardioid dynamic microphone manufactured by AKG in the 1960s. It is famous today for its use at Abbey Road studios during numerous Beatles recording sessions, most notably as a drum overhead mic for Ringo Starr.

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    • AKG D 202 CS (x2)

      AKG D 202 CS

      The very first two-way cardioid dynamic microphone- now an established classic in recording and broadcast studios throughout the world. The versatile D 202 CS exhibits the special characteristics unique to AKG's patented two-way microphones.

    • AKG D 224 E (x6)

      AKG D 224 E

    • AKG D 12

      AKG D 12

      AKG's classic mic. It brings the full solid thud sound which was very popular with drummers in the 50's.

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    • AKG D 112 (x2)

      AKG D 112

    • Sennheiser MD 441

      Sennheiser MD 441

      The MD 441 U is a microphone of exceptional quality: its acoustic properties come as close as possible to those of a condenser microphone. Accurate signal response and low distortion are ensured, even with the highest sound pressure levels.

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    • Sennheiser MD 421

      Sennheiser MD 421

    • Beyerdynamic M 201 TG (x3)

      Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

    • Beyerdynamic M 260

      Beyerdynamic M 260

    • Electro-Voice RE20 (x7)

      Electro-Voice RE20

      A firm favourite among broadcasters and sound engineers alike, the RE20 is a dynamic cardioid microphone with variable-D design, a heavy-duty internal pop filter, and an internal element shock-mount which reduces vibration-induced noise.

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    • AKG C451 (x2)

      AKG C451

    • AKG C414 EB

      AKG C414 EB

      The second generation of the classic C414 - also armed with the CK-12 capsule; the C414 EB (Brass)

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  • Backline and Instruments
    • Steinway Model D Grand Piano

      Steinway Model D Grand Piano

    • Hammond L122F Organ

      Hammond L122F Organ

    • Leslie 122 Speaker Cabinet

      Leslie 122 Speaker Cabinet

    • Fender Rhodes '73

      Fender Rhodes '73

    • Wurlitzer


    • Philips Philicorda Organ

      Philips Philicorda Organ

    • Farfisa Combo Compact Organ

      Farfisa Combo Compact Organ

    • Korg cx3 Organ Single

      Korg cx3 Organ Single

    • Marshall 1960 4x12

      Marshall 1960 4x12

    • Wem ER15

      Wem ER15

    • Fender Vintage 1970's Bassman

      Fender Vintage 1970's Bassman

    • Ampeg SVT-2 Pro

      Ampeg SVT-2 Pro

    • SUNN Betabass

      SUNN Betabass

    • Tama Superstar

      Tama Superstar

    • Ludwig Drumset

      Ludwig Drumset

  • Plugins
    • Avid AIR Tools
      • Avid AIR Chorus
      • Avid AIR Distortion
      • Avid AIR Dynamic Delay
      • Avid AIR Enhancer
      • Avid AIR Ensemble
      • Avid AIR Filter Gate
      • Avid AIR Flanger
      • Avid AIR Frequency Shifter
      • Avid AIR FuzzWah
      • Avid AIR KillEQ
      • Avid AIR Lo-Fi
      • Avid AIR Multi-Delay
      • Avid AIR MultiChorus
      • Avid AIR Nonlinear Reverb
      • Avid AIR Phaser
      • Avid AIR Reverb
      • Avid AIR Spring Reverb
      • Avid AIR StereoWidth
      • Avid AIR Talkbox
      • Avid AIR Vintage Filter

      Avid AIR Tools

    • Flux Stereo Tool

      Flux Stereo Tool

    • SoundToys 5
      • Soundtoys Crystallizer
      • Soundtoys Decapitator
      • Soundtoys Devil Loc Deluxe
      • Soundtoys Devil-Loc
      • Soundtoys EchoBoy
      • Soundtoys Effects Rack 5
      • Soundtoys FilterFreak
      • Soundtoys Little AlterBoy
      • Soundtoys Little MicroShift
      • Soundtoys Little PrimalTap
      • Soundtoys Little Radiator
      • Soundtoys MicroShift
      • Soundtoys PanMan
      • Soundtoys PitchBlender
      • Soundtoys Radiator
      • Soundtoys Tremolator

      SoundToys 5

    • Waves Mercury
      • Waves API 2500 Stereo Compressor
      • Waves API 550A 3 Band EQ
      • Waves API 550B 4 Band EQ
      • Waves API 560 10 Band Graphic EQ
      • Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
      • Waves AudioTrack Software Audio Processor
      • Waves C1 Parametric Compander
      • Waves C360 Surround Compressor
      • Waves C4 MultiBand Compressor
      • Waves C6 MultiBand Compressor
      • Waves CLA Bass
      • Waves CLA Drums
      • Waves CLA Effects
      • Waves CLA Guitars
      • Waves CLA Unplugged
      • Waves CLA Vocals
      • Waves CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves CLA-3A Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves CLA-76 Blacky Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves CLA-76 Bluey Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves Center Stereo Enhancer
      • Waves DeBreath
      • Waves DeEsser
      • Waves Doppler
      • Waves Dorrough Stereo Meter
      • Waves Dorrough Surround Meter
      • Waves Doubler
      • Waves Eddie Kramer Bass Channel
      • Waves Eddie Kramer Drum Channel
      • Waves Eddie Kramer Effects Channel
      • Waves Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel
      • Waves Eddie Kramer HLS Channel
      • Waves Eddie Kramer MPX Master Tape
      • Waves Eddie Kramer PIE Compressor
      • Waves Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Legatron Crunch
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps Activator
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps Directube
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps Mo’Town
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps OverBass
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps Thunder
      • Waves GTR3 Clean Amps Direct
      • Waves GTR3 Clean Amps Punchy
      • Waves GTR3 Clean Amps Sweet
      • Waves GTR3 Clean Amps Warm
      • Waves GTR3 Drive Amps Drive
      • Waves GTR3 Drive Amps Overdrive
      • Waves GTR3 Drive Amps Scream
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Crunch
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Crush
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Modern
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Supernatural
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Thermitron Clean
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Thermitron Crunch
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Axx Press
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Bass Pitcher
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Compressor
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Lay-D
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps OverDrive
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Panner
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Phaser
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Pitcher
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Reverb
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Spring
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Tone
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Vibrolo
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Volume Pedal
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps WahWah
      • Waves GTR3 high Gain Amps Monster
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps SolidState
      • Waves GTR3 Bass Amps SuperTube
      • Waves GTR3 Clean Amps Clean
      • Waves GTR3 Drive Amps Cream
      • Waves GTR3 Drive Amps Edgy
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Hot
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Inferno
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Scorch
      • Waves GTR3 High Gain Amps Shredder
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Legatron Clean
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Plexitron Crunch
      • Waves GTR3 Neil Citron Amps Plexitron Lite
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Buzz
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Chorus
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Delay
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Distortion
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Doubler
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps EQ
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Flanger
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Fuzz
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Gate
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Gate/Comp
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Metal
      • Waves GTR3 Stomps Octaver
      • Waves GTR3 ToolRack
      • Waves GTR3 Tuner
      • Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
      • Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay
      • Waves IDR360° Bit Re-quantizer
      • Waves IR-L Parametric Convolution Reverb
      • Waves IR360° Surround Convolution Reverb
      • Waves JJP Bass
      • Waves JJP Cymbals & Percussion
      • Waves JJP Drums
      • Waves JJP Guitars
      • Waves JJP Keys & Strings
      • Waves JJP Vocals
      • Waves L1 Ultramaximizer
      • Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
      • Waves L3 Multimaximizer
      • Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
      • Waves L316 Multimaximizer
      • Waves L360 Surround Limiter
      • Waves L3LL Multimaximizer
      • Waves L3LL Ultramaximizer
      • Waves LFE360 Surround Low-Pass Filter
      • Waves Linear Phase Equalizer Broadband
      • Waves Linear Phase Equalizer Lowband
      • Waves Linear Phase MultiBand
      • Waves LoAir Subharmonic Generator
      • Waves M360° Surround Manager
      • Waves M360° Surround Mixdown
      • Waves MV2 Dynamics Processor
      • Waves MV360 Surround Dynamics Processor
      • Waves Maserati ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer
      • Waves Maserati B72 Bass Phattener
      • Waves Maserati DRM Drum Slammer
      • Waves Maserati GRP Group Processor
      • Waves Maserati GTi Guitar Toner
      • Waves Maserati HMX Harmonics Generator
      • Waves Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer
      • Waves MaxxBass
      • Waves MaxxVolume
      • Waves MetaFlanger
      • Waves MondoMod
      • Waves Morphoder
      • Waves OneKnob Brighter
      • Waves OneKnob Driver
      • Waves OneKnob Filter
      • Waves OneKnob Louder
      • Waves OneKnob Phatter
      • Waves OneKnob Pressure
      • Waves OneKnob Wetter
      • Waves PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer
      • Waves PS22 Stereo Maker
      • Waves PuigChild 660 Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves PuigChild 670 Compressor/Limiter
      • Waves PuigTec EQP-1A Program EQ
      • Waves PuigTec MEQ-5 Midrange EQ
      • Waves Q-Clone EQ Modelling
      • Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ
      • Waves R360° Surround Reverb
      • Waves Renaissance Axx
      • Waves Renaissance Bass
      • Waves Renaissance Channel
      • Waves Renaissance Compressor
      • Waves Renaissance DeEsser
      • Waves Renaissance Equalizer
      • Waves Renaissance Reverb
      • Waves Renaissance Vox
      • Waves S1 Stereo Imager
      • Waves S360° Surround Imager
      • Waves S360° Surround Panner
      • Waves SoundShifter
      • Waves SuperTap 2-Tap
      • Waves SuperTap 6-Tap
      • Waves TransX MultiBand Transient Shaper
      • Waves TransX Wideband Transient Shaper
      • Waves TrueVerb
      • Waves UM225 Stereo to Surround Processor
      • Waves UM226 Stereo to Surround Processor
      • Waves UltraPitch
      • Waves V-EQ3
      • Waves V-EQ4
      • Waves Vocal Rider Vocal Mixing
      • Waves W43 Noise Reduction
      • Waves WNS Noise Suppression
      • Waves X-Click
      • Waves X-Crackle
      • Waves X-Hum
      • Waves X-Noise
      • Waves Z-Noise

      Waves Mercury

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