Les Studios Saint Germain

"Vintage warmth and modern comforts in the heart of Paris."

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Studio A Overview

Studio A at Les Studio Saint Germain is the flagship tracking room based around a stunning vintage Neve 3188 analogue console, and an incredible 100 meter square live room.

The perfectly tuned live room is centred around a truly exceptional Steinway grand piano. There's a superb selection of vintage and modern microphones, including no less than 3 valve Neumann U47s, and 5 valve U67s! 

There's also a great selection of instruments to get to grips with, including a Wurlitzer, Hammond, Ludwig drum kit and a great selection of backline.

The exceptional vintage Neve 3188 console is complimented by a full-spec Pro Tools HDX recording system, along with a Studer A827 for those wanting to stick to the analogue domain.

There's a nice selection of outboard pres from Neve, Avalon and Telefunken along with a collection of classic compressors including Urei 1176s and DBX models. The monitoring comes from Barefoot MicroMain27s along with the old favourites - Yamaha NS10s.

The live room and control room are fully air conditioned, and there's a beautifully furnished private lounge and kitchenette for clients to enjoy.

The whole studio is located on the first floor, with load-in accessible via a lift.

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