Livingston Studio 2

"An excellent priced Neve recording Studio with a Custom Series 75 console and Augspurger Monitors"

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Livingston Studio 2 Introduction

Livingston Studio 2 is based in the historic Livingston recording complex in North London. It is one of two studios in this famous converted Church building that Miloco took over in 2013. The studio has just gone a complete refurbishment and had its gear completely upgraded.

The new 2016 Livingston 2 is a great option for tracking bands on a restricted budget with a high level specification. The studio is centered around a Custom Series 75 console powered by Neve, a Pro Tools HDX Rig (With UAD card), A Studer A80 2" machine and Augspurger Duo-8 Monitors, with a great selection of backline, outboard and microphones.

The Custom Series 75 console powered by Neve is a 24 Channel (48 input) desk. It was designed by the same team who designed the Neve 88RS and is now made under license from Neve. The EQs are based on Neve 1081s using output transformers from the 1073's. On the master buss the desk comes with a stereo 2254 compressor. This is a vintage Neve with 2016 improvements. Anyone wanting a Neve sound should check out this desk.

The Augspurger Duo-8 Monitors are an excellent addition to the studio. If engineers want to mix here, the Series 75 Console, powerful Pro Tools rig and accurate monitoring now makes this a great choice of room to mix in - either 'in the box' or through the console. The Series 75 has the added bonus of having 8 stem ouputs. The Augspurger's are incredible monitors - highly detailed and with plenty of power. Engineers will be able to hear everything in their mix clearly and accurately.

The control room looks into the three live spaces but there is also a private daylit rec room which can also double up as another isolation area as well as a bass amp booth. The three main live areas are great for bands that wish to record at once and need good visibility and seperation. The live rooms come equipped with a 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic kit, a beautiful Kawai upright piano, a hammond and leslie, a selection of great amplifiers and other backline.

The live rooms have been cosmetically updated with new fabric throughout and the main live room comes with some additional diffusors . All the lighting has been updated to Philips Hue lighting allowing the artists to set the vibe from any shade of white to any colour they want in any room. This is a very cosy high spec studio for a very good price.

There are five parking spaces at the front of the building available for clients to use.