Livingston Studio 2

"An excellent priced Neve recording Studio with a Custom Series 75 console"

Livingston Studio 2 Floorplan

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Livingston Studio 2 Overview

Livingston 2 is a great tracking studio. It is a high-end writing room in its own right, but what makes it truly great is its capacity to record bands, and for a very affordable price. The studio's recording spaces offer a variety of acoustics and there is a terrific amount of backline and microphones for producers, engineers and musicians to make the most of.

Livingston 2 covers approximately 130 sq m that is divided between 5 spaces: a control room, three live rooms  and private rec room. You enter the studio through a small lobby with the control room on the right side. We have installed a Custom Series 75 Console powered by Neve which gives you the warm vintage Neve sound in a modern day console. Either side of the Neve are the outboard racks which contain the additional EQs, Compressors and Mic Pre's. With 24 channels of 1073 Mic Pre's and 1081 EQs in the console we don't need that much more but had added a few more toys for variety from the likes of API and Tube-tech. Compressors are provided by Urei, DBX and Empirical Labs.

The first recording space is accessed from the machine room. It is the most 'live' of the three and houses the Kawai upright piano. Live rooms 2 and 3 are treated to produce a more controlled, 'dead' sound. At the back of live room 2 is an additional small overdub booth. As well as the piano, the live rooms contain a vintage 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Kit, a Hammond M101 and Leslie Speaker, a Fender Rhodes and a Wurlitzer. There is also a selection of guitar and bass amps including an Ampex B15 Portaflex a Fender Princeton Reverb and Vox AC15. There is a great selection of guitar pedals which are shared with Studio 1 and other equipment maybe available for the session from Studio 1 (depending on availability). 

The studio also contains a superb selection of microphones: AKG, Neumann, STC Coles, Sennheiser, Telefunken and many more models. Plenty to record a band.

On exiting the third live room you return to the lobby which leads to Livingston 2's private daylit rec room. Here you'll find a comfy sofa, Sky TV, a new sound system and games console – the perfect place to take some time out from recording. Although if you need another isolation booth for larger setups you can also use this as an additional isolation booth.

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