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"A lovingly crafted recording studio nestled in the heart of Brixton"

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Studio 3 || Production And Writing Suite

Studio 3 is a standalone production, post-production, and mixing suite but also has the capability to be wired to both Rooms 1 and 2 for isolated tracking purposes.

This room has been treated for flat response by GSA acoustics. Fitted with bespoke bass traps tailored to the rooms modes and acoustic panels to give a highly uncoloured sound in the mix position.

Equipped with an extensive collection of classic synthesisers, synth pedals, sequencers and drum machines, this room is an ideal writing environment. In this suite, our audio interface the Titan Prism with its zero-latency monitoring system and with eight analogue input and output channels and up to 10 digital inputs and outputs. The Prism has four integrated mic pre's with low noise direct input. This room also comes with the Focusrite ISA430 MKII, a great warm analogue channel strip and mic preamp perfect for vocal tracking.

As well as having full use of all moveable outboard processing units from the other suites, this studio is equipped with a good array of outboard gear including Valley People 610 compressor, BSS DPR402, Transient designers & Lexicon PCM 91 to name but a few of the treasures in this room.

27" iMac installed with all major DAW's & plugin packages from the leaders in the field such as WAVES, Izotope, Sound toys, Native instruments and UAD Satellite.

Coupled with a sleek monitoring system of PMC TB2s Aii's and NS10's powered by a Bryston amplifier. 

All of this makes studio 3 a perfect choice studio for both songwriters, producers, mix engineers or sound designers. 

Beautifully designed and built, offering our clients a comfortable space that both encourages creativity and equipped to cater wonderfully to almost any session.

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