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Live Recording

Live Recording

Another service that SONO Recording studios offers to clients is Live Recording. We can provide a professional recording of live performances of any kind – band gigs, theatre plays and musicals, festivals, classical orchestra concerts and TV shows. It is a great way to capture the unique energy and atmosphere of the performances.

With our many years of experience, passion for music, and specially chosen equipment, our engineers have the ability to capture unbelievable sound quality of live shows.

Recording a concert is difficult - not every engineer is equipped to handle this type of work. SONO's engineers, however, have the knowledge and skill to set up the additional microphones and equipment as necessary. They can set up all of the equipment before the concert, during the rehearsal at the concert location. They then test levels, make adjustments, and take notes before the performance. During the actual concert, they will know exactly what to expect. Once the performance has been captured, it can then be edited, mixed and mastered at the studio.

For the Live Recording SONO studios will provide you with a top notch digital recording using state of the art equipment. The basic equipment consists of high quality, remote controlled Antelope Audio MP 32 analog preamplifiers   and Antelope Audio Orion A/D convertors. This equipment is silent because of the passive cooling and it is therefore possible to place the preamps and convertors close to the symphonic string players, for example. The result is shorter microphone cables resulting in better sound quality. The Audio signal is converted to digital straight away, and is then sent through optical cables to the recorder without any loss in quality, which can happen with long cable runs.

All parameters of the analog preamps are remote controlled via Ethernet or WiFi. This preserves the premp presets. The sound engineer is then able to quickly switch the presets to cater for different dynamics in the orchestral parts or between different bands on the stage.

The recording system offers 64 inputs / tracks at 96kHz / 24 bit or 32 tracks at 192hHz / 24bit. We can also quote on increasing the number of inputs if more are required. Our digital recorder is ProTools 10 HD3 on a 12 core Mac Pro with a second backup system setup and running.

If necessary, we can build a simple on-site control room with the mixer and quality monitoring to provide a more controlled listening environment.

We also provide equipment to help with communication between the stage and recording area using microphones for the conductor, musical director and also a speakerphone and wired telephone when required.

The microphones that are available are listed below, but they can also be supplemented by microphones which can be found on the studio Microphone List.

Neumann TLM 50 (x2) spherical omnidirectional main mics
Sennheiser MKH 8020 (x3) omnidirectional main mics
Sennheiser MKH 8050
Sennheiser MKH 40 (x2)
Neumann KM 184 (x10)
Neumann KM 183 (x2) spherical omnidirectional main mics
Neumann U 87 (x2)
Neumann TLM 103 (x2)
AKG C 414 (x2)
Karlík 49 custom (x2)
Karlík 47 custom (x4)
Karlík 67 custom (x2)

On special request we can also record to tape with analog 24 track, 2 inch, Otari MTR 90 Mk III. Generally speaking we can arrange to hire any other recording device you may need.

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