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Studio 1 Overview

Sono 1 offers an exciting studio of a total 582 square metres in size, a perfectly designed control room centred around the brand new 48 channel Rupert Neve Designs Neve 5088 console, a large live room, four separate booths and a bar.

The main live room is 300 square metres and 8 metres high. With its slate floor and angled wood and sandstone walls, Sono 1 provides a unique, vibrant and controlled recording space for philharmonic orchestras of up to 100 musicians, live bands, rock bands, jazz, strings, brass, drums, folk music and any other kind of music.

The studio is flooded with natural light and fresh air. It also comes with three isolation booths and a second live room which is possible to isolate with motorised glass walls. It is possible to have five acoustically separated spaces making the studio ideal for recording live rock or jazz projects. In case of symphonic recordings it is possible to use the moving walls to acoustically separate between different sections. For example the brass and the strings can be separated but still have a perfect view of the conductor.

The control room is air-conditioned, has natural daylight and is centred around the Rupert Neve 5088 48 channel console. The new 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. As his first fully discrete mixing design in over 30 years, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same concepts, such as single-sided, fully discrete amplification and complete transformer isolation, which made those original designs classic.

There is a big choice of console modules, Portico, vintage 1073 copies and tube preamps. You can see the equipment list of SONO 1 here.

The Tannoy DMT 215 II monitors have been carefully aligned for pin-point accuracy. Other monitors used are Genelec 1037A, Yamaha NS-10 and two more stereo pairs of standard commercial monitors. Your music can be recorded onto the Pro Tools HD3 system powered by Mac Pro 8x 2.4Ghz Westmere with Avid 192 KHz converters providing up to 64 ins and 48 outs or to a 24 track Otari MTR 90 MK III 2 inch tape machine. You can sync the tape to Pro Tools perfectly but also lock to other professional audio and video standards.

You can mix down to digital or tape using a Studer A80 1/2" machine. The control room's patching system allows for over 150 tie lines, AES/EBU, SCSI, MIDI, World Clock, TC, video sync and any other audio and data signals. This enables clients with the most complex and diverse sessions and instruments to dovetail seamlessly into a single studio.

SONO's extensive equipment list includes some of the finest quality outboard, and microphones. The vintage instruments include a Hammond and Vox and Fender amps, amongst others.

Sono 1 also includes a private rec room to relax in with its own kitchen-bar, satellite TV and free WiFi access allowing complete privacy and seclusion, with the restaurant situated just next door.

Finally the aim of Sono has always been the same: to provide clients with an accurate sound that's easy to work with and which truly reflects the mix when heard outside the studio.

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