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Studio 2 Overview

SONO 2 is an unique studio built in a 400 square metre attic. This makes it a really creative space with the interesting angles and shapes that the attic provides. The "heart" of the control room is a superb sounding Neve V51 console with compressors/limiters on each channel and an 8 channel master section. The control room has a large selection of outboard equipment from the likes of Lexicon, TC Electronics, Summit, Drawmer etc. which makes the control room ideal for mixing and tracking.

The monitors featured in SONO 2 are again the Tannoy DMT 215 II which have been lined up accurately to the control room. As in SONO 1 all the recording formats are fully synchronised. Tape is recorded on an Otari MX80 2" machine and digitally they record to a Pro Tools HD3 on Mac G5 4x2.5G which are located in a separate machine room for a noiseless and peaceful control room.

SONO 2 also has an advanced patching system which provides fast synchronization with all audio and video formats.

The inspirational interior, noiseless air-conditioning and the natural daylight with the beautiful view of the surrounding forests, make this control room an extremely vibey space for making music.

The live room is an ideal space for track laying, being made of slate, sandstone, wood and glass every acoustic is covered. The architectural rendering and the disposition of the attic, produce an extraordinary controlled vibrant space totalling 100 square metres with ceilings reaching 4 metres high.

In the rec room just next to the studio there is a little bar and a kitchenette. SONO 2 is the opposite to all those dark and gloomy studios placed in the cellar, where you can´t breathe. Here you can experience the sun going down over the beautiful Czech countryside.

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