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  • Microphones
    • AKG C12

      AKG C12

    • AKG C12 VR

      AKG C12 VR

    • AKG C24

      AKG C24

    • AKG C414 (x10)

      AKG C414

    • AKG C451 E

      AKG C451 E

      Boasting a low noise level with life-long sta­bility, the C-451 E is a newly developed condenser microphone using audio frequency circuitry with Field Effect Tran­sistors.

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    • AKG C451 EB

      AKG C451 EB

      Boasts an airy sound as well as a high overload limit, this handcrafted capsule and the low-noise preamp electronics ensure impressive results even under very harsh conditions.

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    • AKG C452 EB (x2)

      AKG C452 EB

    • AKG C460 B

      AKG C460 B

    • AKG The Tube

      AKG The Tube

    • Altec Lansing Electret 626 A

      Altec Lansing Electret 626 A

    • Audio Technica AT3525 (x2)

      Audio Technica AT3525

    • Audio Technica AT3527 condenser (x2)

      Audio Technica AT3527 condenser

    • Audio Technica AT4043 (x7)

      Audio Technica AT4043

    • Audio Technica R3M

      Audio Technica R3M

    • Audio-Technica AT3528 (x2)

      Audio-Technica AT3528

    • Audio-Technica AT4041 (x4)

      Audio-Technica AT4041

    • Audio-Technica AT4047 (x2)

      Audio-Technica AT4047

    • Audio-Technica AT4050 (x12)

      Audio-Technica AT4050

    • Audio-Technica AT4060

      Audio-Technica AT4060

    • Audio-Technica ATM23HE (x3)

      Audio-Technica ATM23HE

    • Audio-Technica ATM25 (x2)

      Audio-Technica ATM25

    • Beyerdynamic MC834

      Beyerdynamic MC834

    • Coles 4038 (x2)

      Coles 4038

      The Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is a British Broadcasting (BBC) design favourite for broadcasting and recording applications. It is used where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absence of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential.

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    • Earthworks TC30K (x2)

      Earthworks TC30K

    • Electro-Voice PL20

      Electro-Voice PL20

    • Electrovoice PL5

      Electrovoice PL5

    • Electrovoice PL95 (x2)

      Electrovoice PL95

    • Groovetube 5SC (x3)

      Groovetube 5SC

    • MiLab DC-63

      MiLab DC-63

    • MiLab VM-40

      MiLab VM-40

    • Microtech Gefell GMBH 22P (x3)

      Microtech Gefell GMBH 22P

    • Neumann KM 84

      Neumann KM 84

    • Neumann M 49 (x2)

      Neumann M 49

    • Neumann TLM 170 (x2)

      Neumann TLM 170

    • Neumann U 47 FET (x2)

      Neumann U 47 FET

      An essential contributor to sound recordings of the 1960s and 1970s this microphone decisively affected the spatial dimension of the sound and the tonal depth of countless productions.

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    • Neumann U 87 (x4)

      Neumann U 87

      The Neumann U87 features 3 switchable polar patterns and has a -10dB pad. A very popular microphone.

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    • Neumann U 47

      Neumann U 47

    • Neumann U 67 (x2)

      Neumann U 67

    • Realistic PZM

      Realistic PZM

    • Royer R 121 (x2)

      Royer R 121

    • Sanken CU-41 (x2)

      Sanken CU-41

    • Sennheiser D12 (x4)

      Sennheiser D12

    • Sennheiser MD 421 (x14)

      Sennheiser MD 421

    • Sennheiser MD 441 (x3)

      Sennheiser MD 441

      The MD 441 U is a microphone of exceptional quality: its acoustic properties come as close as possible to those of a condenser microphone. Accurate signal response and low distortion are ensured, even with the highest sound pressure levels.

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    • Sennheiser MD211 U

      Sennheiser MD211 U

    • Shure SM57 (x13)

      Shure SM57

    • Shure SM81 (x5)

      Shure SM81

    • Sony ECM-22P

      Sony ECM-22P

    • SoundField MKV

      SoundField MKV

      The SoundField MKV Microphone System is a unique product offering a previously unobtainable degree of accuracy in the generation of coincident stereo and mono microphone patterns. The user is able to steer and move the generated microphones both in real and post-production time. A fully three dimensional output signal suitable for encoding to any surround system and, in particular, to the UHJ family of Ambisonic Surround Sound systems is available.

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