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Studio A - Overview

Studio A

Studio A boasts an impressive large live room, adjoining drum room, spacious control room and adjacent vocal booth. Already in it's so-far short life, it has played host to the likes of Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino & Olly Murs - impressing rock legends and pop stars alike. Equipped with a mixture of industry-standard and unorthodox gear, Studio A is able to offer versatility and creative freedom. Dressed with luxury seating and a relaxing colour scheme, Studio A's control room has been carefully designed to make clients feel comfortable, making it a perfect space for writing & tracking.

The Rundown

The 33m² control room houses a 48 channel Audient ASP8024 desk with Genelec 1039A main monitors, Focal Twin B nearfields & MixCube reference monitors. Opposite the desk, we have a growing collection of outboard gear, featuring prestigious names like Neve, API, Universal Audio, ADL & more. Attached to the control room, beyond the sliding glass doors, is our surprisingly large vocal booth which doubles up as a fantastic 'dead' space to record guitar amps/cabs.

The live room measures an impressive 10m x 8.5m with double storey height at 4.5m high, fantastic for large ensembles. Acoustically, the space has been treated to an impeccable standard and has a beautifully controlled ambience. Put the two together and the result is a simply awe-inspiring live space.  Studio A is home to our wonderful Yamaha G7 Grand Piano, which sits in the far corner, whilst a Yamaha YUX U1 Upright Piano sits a little further down the wall. Shared evenly around the walls of the room are a combined total of 48 XLR Ins & 24 XLR Outs.

Over in the far right corner is the adjoining drum room measuring up at 3m x 3.5m. In there sits our Ludwig Super Classic (1972) kit with a collection of cymbals and 'breakables'. The drum booth has 16 XLR Ins and 8 XLR Outs, leaving plenty of room for elaborate drum recordings.

Studio A's design takes a logical approach, offering superb lines of visibility between rooms for musicians and engineers as well as ensuring that there are plenty of inputs/outputs available for large scale recordings.

It can be rented out as a whole studio, or separately for rehearsals/mixing/vocals, dependent on your needs.

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