The Garage Studio

"Under The Tuscan Sun"

The Garage Studio Floorplan

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The Garage Studio is an Italian residential recording and mixing studio located in the famous Tuscan countryside, between Siena and Florence. The 10 hectare property consists of two villas built in the late 1860s. We transformed, the two farmhouses into two villas keeping their original style and adding a warm and elegant touch. The villas are surrounded by oliveyards (from which we get our own oil), gardens, a private wood, a pond and swimming pool. The atmosphere, the incredible landscape and the smell of the Tuscan air combine to make The Garage Studio experience unique, creative and unforgettable.

The control room of The Garage Studio is centered around a beautiful Solid State Logic SL9000J 56 channel large format custom console with Ultimation® moving faders automation. Aside from having two live recording rooms inside the studio, the villas halls can also be used for recordings, providing an additional beautiful recording enviroment with some amazing acoustics.

The villas provide eight comfortable, well-appointed bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom (which can accommodate up to sixteen guests), a biliard room, a library room, three halls, and two kitchens.