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Studio 1 Overview

Studio 1 is our larger studio, with an abundance of space in both live room and control room. The two storey high live room, smaller dry room and control room are all lit with natural light from the large original church windows.

The control room is based around an 40 channel / 80 input Amek Rembrandt desk w/Supertrue automation. This desk features VCA compressors and gates on every channel, with eq on both large and small faders. The automation and control of this desk is of particular note, being easier to use than other large format console automation systems. The Supertrue system allows automation of faders, mutes, auxes and also the ability to share any parameter between the small and large faders, making it incredibly flexible in a tracking or mixing situation. There is also a very intuitive system for recalling all aspects of the desk.

Recording is based around a Pro Tools HD2 system (32 in / 48 out), loaded with many plug-ins, and a 24 track Studer A827 2" tape machine with Dolby. This machine has become one of the most sought after multitracks for music recording. Obviously everybody has their favourite sounding tape machine, with the Studers being up there for most people. However there is no doubt that the build quality and ease of use on these machines is second to none. We also have both Dolby SR and Dolby A 24 track units for these machines which in our opinion is a part of why people like the sound of tape.

The Rembrandt has 40 beautiful mic pres, however the control room has many other options if you're looking for different flavours. In addition to our mic preamps collection we have a great mix of vintage & modern outboard, with many different examples of classic compressors, reverbs, delays and multi-effects. These include various tape echoes (of which we are big fans), an EMT 140 reverb plate, classic AMS and Eventide effects, Pultec EQ's, LA-2A and Chandler compressors to name a few.

Our main 90 sq metre two-storey live room is an extremely versatile recording space. This is a great room for bands that wish to record live with good visibility, separation and plenty of space for each musician to set up anything they would want. We have large acoustic screens so we can configure the room in whichever way is necessary.

We specifically designed the live room and control room so that there would be plenty of space. As well as being good for large live sessions, the abundance of space in these rooms is fantastic for album tracking sessions as it allows various or elaborate recording chains left set up throughout sessions. We often set up lots of different recording areas and create a palette of available sounds that people can easily move between. That ability combined with our huge instrument and amplifier collection is a massively powerful creative tool for any session.

The live room obviously has a big sound, which is great for capturing different room ambiences. However we find the acoustic is quite mellow and very usable. The windows all have heavy curtains which can be drawn to change the acoustics if required. Between the curtains and the screens, dry sounds are easy to achieve. There is also a separate small live room which can be used as an isolation booth or another very dry space. The layout of the rooms allows for great eye contact between engineers and musicians, ensuring good communication between everybody at all times.

We have an extensive selection of instruments and amplifiers available for you to use. Vintage guitars (Gibson / Fender / Musicman / Epiphone etc), drums (Ludwig / Gretsch / Pearl etc), classic keyboards (Hammond / Fender / Wurlitzer etc), synths (Roland / Korg / Logan / EDP etc), amplifiers (Marshall / Fender / Selmer / Musicman / Orange etc) and guitar pedals of all varieties are all within easy reach. Please browse the instruments and amplifiers section to see what we have, we're adding to our collection constantly.

Downstairs on the ground floor we have a large kitchen where you are welcome to cook meals, a bathroom (with shower) and a spacious recreation room, complete with pool table, Xbox etc, along with a private courtyard.


Live Room: 10m x 9m
Live Room 2: 2.5m x 6m
Control room: 6m x 7m

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