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"Authentic recording studio in Berlin Kreuzberg - since 1985."

TRIXX Studios Floorplan

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Studio A

Studio A is suited perfectly for larger recording sessions and analogue or in-the-box mixing. It is connected to two live rooms.

The drum room is 50m2 with a lively acoustic due to its wooden floor, stonewall and assortment of diffusers on the ceiling. There are however several acoustic screens with both an absorbent and tiled side, as well as mobile tube traps and diffusers to shape the sound of the room.

The other live room (also Studio C) offers 35m2 of space and a tighter, more controlled sound using absorbers and tuned Helmholz resonators. It also has a small, separate amp booth and is home to our Bechstein Grand Piano (Model B) from 1986, which was recently lovingly restored and is in perfect condition. This is a beautiful sounding instrument that is perfect for jazz, classical or pop piano.

The control room also has a very controlled sound itself, with tuned resonators and wooden diffusers in the back. It is, "outboard-wise", the most versatile equipped room at TRIXX with classic analogue preamps, compressors and EQ's (Tube Tech, Neve, Avalon, Urei, Chandler, Crane Song, SSL etc.) and a broad selection of timeless reverb, delay and modulation FX (Roland Space Echo's, AKG BX20 Spring Reverb, Eventide H3000s and 949 Harmonizer, Lexicon 480L, Dynacord, TC, Sony etc.). It is centred around a great and transparent sounding 54 channel Tascam M700 console with motor fader automation. To complete the palette of tones there is also a 2" Otari tape machine (24 tracks) and a 1/2" Fostex E20 (two tracks).

For digital multitracking we have a Pro Tools HD3 Accel system with Apogee converters (38 in / 38 out) and a Pro Tools HD Native (32 in / 32 out) with lots of UAD power (two UAD Octo cards and one Quad Satellite).
Monitoring is via Genelec 1038A (which can be combined with a Dynaudio ABES Subbass), Smart Audio and Auratone (or optional NS10) Speakers. It's also possible to mix in 5.1.

Our vast collection of microphones and instruments rounds out everything you need for a great production.

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