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"Authentic recording studio in Berlin Kreuzberg - since 1985."

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Studio B

Studio B allows for great tracking of bands and ensembles in an intimate, cosy atmosphere. It also serves as a great space for mixing.

The 30m2 live room has a wooden floor, stone and absorbent walls, Helmholz resonators in the corners and diffusers on the ceiling. It is designed by acoustician Mo Stern (as are the rest of our studios). With Tube-Traps and acoustic screens you can further shape the sound to your vision. Here you can get lively and roomy, as well as direct and completely dry recordings. The live room is connected to two small guitar amp booths, so you can easily track a whole band in there with separated signals.

A window-door between live and control room allows for direct communication and a good overview.
The spacious control room (45m2) offers many modern and vintage preamps (32 channels of: Neve, Tube-Tech, RFT, Chandler etc.) and a great selection of outboard equipment (Manley, Universal Audio, Vocal Stresser, EMT 240 Goldfoil, Roland Space Echo, Lexicon etc.).

In Studio B we have a transparent sounding Tascam M700 console, a Pro Tools HD3 Accel System (32 in/32 out) and a native System (RME Fireface) which can also easily be accessed with a Laptop via FireWire (24 in/24 out). There is also a mobile UAD quad Satellite that is handed around the studio.

If you're aiming for a more vintage coloured sound you can also record to tape in Studio B. We have a 2" Otari MX80 (24 tracks) tape-machine which is in excellent condition and can be synced to the computer via an Adam Smith Zeta3.

You can monitor via Westlake BBSM12 Speakers with an optional Dynaudio ABES Subbass and Yamaha NS10 Speakers.
Last but not least, in Studio B you can find our well-maintained Hammond C3 organ with a 122 Leslie cabinet.

Our vast and diverse collection of microphones and instruments are shared across all of our studios and round out everything that you need for a great production.

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