TRIXX Studios

"Authentic recording studio in Berlin Kreuzberg - since 1985."

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Studio C Overview

Studio C is our production suite, laid out for in-the-box productions. You can record simple sessions here and mix in the box.

Controlling and recording takes place in one room. It has a tight and controlled sound with many absorbers, Helmholz resonators and diffusers. There is also a small guitar amp booth for guitar overdubbing.

The set-up consists of an SSL X-Desk and four Avalon and Tube-Tech preamps. Monitoring is via Dynaudio BM15. A UAD Apollo-Interface with Satellite make it easy to connect your laptop to the system. 

Our beautiful-sounding and well-maintained 1986 Bechstein B Grand Piano lives here.

The vast and diverse collection of microphones and instruments rounds out everything you need for a great production.

Studio C can also be used as one of the live rooms of Studio A.

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