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Mastering has developed into a crucial stage in the process of perfecting and finalising any music production.

The Bauer Studios Mastering Suite is custom designed for adding the finishing touch to any mix. Fitted out with top quality, hand-crafted analogue equipment and operated by our highly trained, skilled and experienced sound engineers it provides the perfect environment in which to produce a pre-master of the highest quality.

We can also select from a broad range of analogue outboard equipment and digital plug-ins which permit us to tailor the sound of each track to your precise requirements. In doing so, we always maintain our mastering principle of achieving "optimal, distortion-free loudness whilst retaining a natural and pleasing dynamic".

By observing all the international loudness standards we produce a well-balanced and refined sound with a matching loudness which exhibits none of the imperfections apparent from the 'loudness wars' of the past.

Mastering for iTunes, special mastering for vinyl and DDP are all part of our standard offering.

In addition, our production department can deal with every stage of the process from the finished pre-master, including obtaining ISR codes, compiling DDPs, quality assurance and pressing.

A special feature of our mastering suite:

Her name is LISA. She is young, dynamic, looks good... but above all she sounds fantastic!

The LISA Mastering EQ by Tomo Audiolabs - an analogue dynamic equaliser with an unimaginable number of uses and subtly nuanced processing options.

LISA brings to high end mastering:

- Increased loudness whilst retaining a dynamic and true-to-life sound
- Aesthetic EQ with a vast scope of design options
- Low bass enhancement during mastering using transparent-sounding filters: very neutral yet resonant and well-rounded
- Drum enhancement, particularly the low bass frequencies: gives drums dimension and punch
- Special effects by exploiting the mixer architecture: extreme filter gain settings produce unusual dynamic sounds

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