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Studio 2 Overview


The all-rounder for spoken word recordings, smaller bands and ensembles, studio 2 is an acoustically optimized, neutral-sounding studio with natural daylight.

Ideal conditions thanks to dry sound characteristics. With its 55m² floor space and 3,25m ceiling height Studio 2 is well suited to:
- Pop & Rock
- Small ensembles
- Overdubs
- Demos
- Spoken word recordings (voice-overs, TV and radio commercials,             synchronisation, audio books)
- Post-production for film and video

We provide you with a Fender Rhodes Mark I and a Wurlitzer - plus the matching Fender Twin Reverb Amp.
The 32m2 Control Room with its natural daylight provides the perfect atmosphere for working with our ProTools HD3 or Logic Pro systems. Two DAD AX-24 and one RME Octamic XTC provide 24 channels of ultimate quality signal pre-amplification and conversion. Thanks to proprietary connections Studio 2 can easily be used in conjunction with Studio 1's recording room (e.g. for piano or Hammond A100 recordings) and it can also make use of some of the outboard equipment from Control Room 1 such as the Lexicon 960 reverb.

Our Control Room 2 is equipped for the cyclopaedic use:
- Stereo and surround mixes
- TV mixing in stereo and surround
- Music production and pre-production (also MIDI based)
- Pre-mixing for cinema in surround
- Post-production for documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, sound and video installations
- Post-production for games and multimedia
- Production of sound effects or musical jingles and stings
- Sound design
- Editing