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Bauer Studios Overview

Bauer Studios, well known in the past as Tonstudio Bauer, was founded by Rolf Bauer, a true pioneer in the business, who was experimenting with stereo recordings even before the major broadcasting companies. It is the longest-established privately-owned studio complex in Germany. Needless to say, it also boasts an excellent reputation!

It has always been the company's policy to employ highly-qualified staff and all of our recording or media engineers have graduated with a subject-specific degree.

The Studio Complex contains two recording studios, a mastering suite and editing rooms. We also have a mobile facility, with which we travel throughout Europe.

Studio Konzert: Over the past two years we have expanded our offering to include all-analogue, direct-to-stereo live recordings of concerts performed before an audience in our main studio. Our passionate and experienced recording engineers capture every subtle nuance of the performance using only the very best microphones and analogue effects. They mix everything live on our amazingly clean-sounding analogue Neve desk, the output of which is fed directly to our superb Studer A820 analogue stereo tape deck. To complete the process, the finished product is released on high-grade vinyl.

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