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Session Videos

Studio Konzert Trailer

Agathe Jazz Quartet - Feeling Alive

Some impressions of the Recordings from the Agathe Jazz Quartet in 2014.

For Me and My Sons - Fall for you

Live Recording of the band For Me and My Sons at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Studio 1

Tian et al: Lost & Found, Demo

My little Rockstar Dream - This is the End

Live Recording of My little Rockstar Dream at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Studio 1

Reznik Syndrom - Ruin

Live Recording of Reznik Syndrom at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Studio 1.

Acoustic Cover - Hey

Tanja Losch Covers the german song "Hey" by Andreas Bourani at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Studio 1 (2015).

Tiemo Hauer - Verzeihen kostet Zeit, Akustik

The german singer Tiemo Hauer plays an acoustic version of his song "Verzeihen kostet Zeit" at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg.

KRAI - Arkady Shilkloper & Vadim Neselovskyi

Some recoring impressions and an interview with Arkady Shilkloper and Vadim Neselovskyi at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg. (2014)

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