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Dubway Studios, the highest studio in New York City!

Dubway Studios is a state-of-the-art audio facility in New York City specialising in music production, audio post and remote recording. For decades, Dubway Studios has been respected in the broadcast, film, internet and music industries as an indispensable resource for audio post, studio and location recording services.

On the music scene for over 30 years, Dubway Studios is one of NYC's premier audio facilities: a testimony to the collective experience, expertise and creativity of its staff. Take advantage of great acoustic spaces, world-class digital and analogue capabilities, vintage/modern instruments and most importantly its engineers.

The design of Dubway's third and newest facility reflects 30 years of studio experience with an emphasis on versatility, acoustics and style. Mike Crehore took construction of the new Main Floor studios in hand, focusing decades of studio and building experience into an ergonomic and versatile multi-room experience.

The penthouse Mezzanine studio boasts a 1,100sq ft footprint and 20 ft ceilings: a beautiful tracking space, ideal for large ensembles. Atop the 22nd floor, it's the highest studio in NYC!

The Main Floor studios include three control rooms and three sound rooms, interlinked via audio and video to allow for complete flexibility with recording, editing and mixing. Sleek architectural design and contemporary original art throughout make it a bright and engaging place to work.

As Dubway expands more deeply into the media arts including games, apps and educational tools, the smarties there continue to keep Dubway's core of care and creativity vibrant. The studio is located in New York's financial district, easily accessible by public transport and by car.

Dubway's team make its reputation shine and guarantee they accomplish a lot together. They look forward to seeing and hearing you. Especially the listening part.

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