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Mezzanine Overview

To the left of Dubway's entrance, past the lobby where sofas, coffee, espresso, and tea are plentiful, and just a short walk upstairs is our Mezzanine Studio.

The penthouse Mezzanine Studio boasts an 1100 square foot footprint, and 20 foot ceilings – a beautiful tracking space, ideal for large ensembles.

Atop the 22nd floor, it's the highest studio in NYC!

The grand tracking and control room features the SSL G Series console and large isolation rooms with sight lines.

State-of-the-art and vintage gear are abundant.

The Tama Kit drumset features three rack toms, four symbol stands, and five snares.

Acoustically treated and air conditioned, the Mezzanine's control room is complete with a long wall of comfortable sofas and a large granite gradenza.

The Mezzanine Studio is also home to the Yamaha C5 Grand Piano.

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