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Studio 2


With a spacious feel and premium acoustics, Studio Two is ideally suited for songwriting, vocal production, editing, and mixing. The space invites creativity with vintage keyboards and drum machines, and fender guitars

Premium channel strips and preamps such as the Avalon VT737-SP, Universal Audio LA-610, Neve 1073LB (x2) bring your music to life with impressive fidelity.

Monitor your sounds with depth and clarity through the prestine Adams A77X studio monitors. Cross-reference your mix through the ever-popular Yamaha NS-10M Studio speakers.

Adjacent to Studio 2 is a large booth for the recording of vocals, solo instruments, amplifiers, and more. The booth has an even and natural sound, and has suffiecient line of site between booth and control room.

Abundant with connectivity, Studio 2 and the booth can be tied into each of the spaces at Forbes Street Studios.

Reserve any of the premium mics in the Studio 1 collection and take your creation to the next level in our prestigious creative suite.

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