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Prime Studio A Overview

Studio A consists of four separate recording rooms. The control room is 55m², ventilation, air conditioned and has daylight. This THX-Certified-Surround screening room is equipped with a 12m² screen, HD beamer and cinema seats.

The control room has two cutting areas and a producer lounge. Four monitoring systems are built in, two surround systems for 7.1 (EAW) and 5.1 (ATC SCM 25 Pro / SCM 20ASL Pro) combined with two stereo 2.1 systems (ATC SCM 25 Pro and Yamaha NS10 Studio).

The live room is 35m² with 4m ceiling height. It is the perfect place to produce critical recordings of the highest quality. The acoustic of the room can be variably shaped for perfect flexibility by sliding the absorbers.

A panoramic view, ventilation and air conditioning are a perfect starting point to let creativity flow.

We are pleased to offer our in house Boesendorfer grand piano for recordings. Other grand pianos are available on request.

Live-Recordings can be easily made combining the rooms of Studio A and Studio B. We also offer an Iso-Booth for louder instruments and voiceovers.

Studio A is equipped with an A/V matrix for flexible intercom.

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