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Studio C Overview

When it comes to the final touch of your productions, precision is indespensable.

Therefore Studio C is constructed as a master control being acoustically separated from the main studio building.

You will work on a customized surround 5.1 reference studio monitoring system built by SurrounTec which is a unique precision instrument worldwide.

It offers you the highest fidelity ensuring for most precise fine tuning of your productions.

Two legends of studio equipment, having already shaped the sound of uncountable stars so charistmatically are at your finger tips in addition to our Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering system - the EMI TG 12345 MKIV and EMI TG12410 consoles.

Work with samplerates up to DSD/DXD quality when tracking, mixing or mastering with a track count of 48 tracks simultaneously.

Benefit from the precision of our systems also for archiving your precious tunes from analogue tape.

Studio C also offers you a very comfortable recording room whether you want to do drum tracking or live recordings with smaller groups.

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