Sentric Music

Profile, November 2009

Sentric Music is a body committed to supporting unpublished UK artists, by helping them to receive PRS royalties, sync their music to TV adverts, get distribution through iTunes and other digital platforms, and by also offering general industry advice.

This fantastic service is available to anyone who performs and produces original material. Bands and artists are invited to sign up to the service online for no fee. Subscribers are not held down to lengthy contracts and keep full copyrights to their material. In return for the service and assistance Sentric give, they will take a 20% commission on all royalty payments they take from PRS for Music and MCPS.

The company are also fully committed to helping their clients gain ground Synchronisation Placements: they have contacts across the world which they use to open up opportunities for their artists’ music to feature in TV, advertising, film and games, all of which can prove very worthwhile sources of income for musicians. Sentric also work towards selling their artists’ music on iTunes, and regularly update The Sentric Music Blog which offers industry advice on all sorts from Marketing strategies to being fully-prepared for recording sessions.


Sentric Music

1st Floor, 29 Parliament Street,
L8 5RN

Telephone: 0207 099 5991



Sentric Music Blog:

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