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Dean Street Studios Floorplan

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Studio 2 - Recording/Mixing/Editing Studio with Recording Booth

Studio 2 is a unique space within Dean Street – tucked around the rear of the building, it offers seclusion from the busier parts of the complex, in addition to a host of possibilities for recording and mixing.

Originally a large and high-ceilinged space for drum tracking, the modern studio construction takes full advantage of the preceding room's acoustics to offer Dean St's most characterful live space; all this attached to an intimate and warm sounding control room – featuring the engineer's choice of either Pro Tools HDX rig, or 24-input UAD system. The studio is also packed with industry standard outboard and backline choices, ideal for seamless production sessions, writing, and vocal tracking – with the scope afforded by the characterful booth for guitar, or even solo string overdubs.

In recent years, Studio 2 has been home to post-production company Yellow Boat Music, and the firm's influence on the rooms is clear: the space is model for tracking to picture, with dual video screens in the booth and control room, and a precise and even control room acoustic – even featuring a Trinnov unit for exacting calibration of the ADAM and NS10 monitoring when required.

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