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Karma Sound Studios - FAQs

Q: Do I need a Visa to come to Thailand and work at the studio?

If you have not arranged for a VISA prior to your arrival in Thailand you will have been granted a standard 30 day tourist visa. This may be enough to cover the duration of your stay but if you plan to stay in Thailand longer than the 30 days, you can visit the local immigration office where you can apply for a further 30 day extension (1900 Baht / $60)

It is important that you do not breach the conditions of your visa: you will be fined and may be detained when leaving Thailand. Please note: a land border crossing will only extend your visa by 15 days. If you plan to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days get yourself fixed up with a Type O Visa from the Royal Thai Consulate, who are amazingly helpful and incredibly efficient: http://www.thaiconsul-uk.com/downloads-and-visas.aspx Any further questions, please contact us.

Q: Do I have to bring all my own back line gear?

We have a wide selection of back line equipment, instruments, amplifiers/heads/cabs/drums/percussion/keyboards etc. This is all available for hire at very reasonable rates for short or longer term stays.

Q: What happens if I get sick when I am in Thailand?

It's wise (imperative!) to have travel insurance in place before you travel outside of your home country since we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your goods, nor take any responsibility for your health. Should you become unwell when in Thailand, the good news is that Thailand has amazing hospitals and clinics but they are run as a business and can be expensive. Insurance is a must and we require a copy of your health insurance document along with your passport when you arrive to check in at the studio. We have details on hand of all services that you may require (including Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, and Osteopaths/Chiropractors etc.) and will assist you at every turn.

Q: How do we go about setting up gigs or other activities when we're in Thailand?

We have a commercial interest in and contacts with the best connected music industry professionals in Thailand and SE Asia and will be happy to help you set up gigs, video shoots, or other touring opportunities as required – contact the Studio Manager direct for further information.

Q: I want to head off to an island or go up country after we finish our recording, what's the best plan?

If your Visas are all intact, we can advise you on some great spots to visit in Thailand – we can even book hotels, flights, and internal travel and fix the whole thing up for you. Just give us a bit of notice and we'll do everything we can to help.

Q: How is Thailand's weather?

It's warm all year round (typically 27-34 degrees) and gets warmest through May - September. The rainy season (late August to October) is still nice! And typically it rains only once a day. It's pretty idyllic most of the time and, being so close to the sea, there's always a nice breeze to keep you cool...

Q: Can I take medicine to Thailand, and can I get medical assistance while I'm there if get sick?

We carry a basic medical support kit here at Karma and the local pharmacy is just three minutes drive away, where all common medicines are easily found. The local international standard Dr. and Hospital are also very close by and can cater for any medical situation.

Q: What about money?

The local currency is Thai Baht and it's best to check at www.xe.com for the latest exchange rate. It's also a good idea to inform your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be here in Thailand (or elsewhere!), as fraud protection systems are all getting much more sophisticated these days.

Most restaurants and shops accept Visa and Master card, and a few also take American Express.

Q: What is the power voltage and what kind of plug sockets are they in Thailand?

The power is UK standard 220V / 50hz. Normal outlets are plugs with two rounded pins. Step-up and Step-down transformers are available here at the studio.

Q: How far is Karma from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport?

Approximately 100km, or about 90 minutes drive.

Q: Will someone arrange our transportation on arrival?

Yes! As you'll have found at most international airports, it's best not to try and negotiate with a local taxi driver. Our professional drivers will pick you and your luggage up at the airport and deliver you directly to the studio, well under the budget of a local driver!

Q: How many people can stay at Karma?

We have five double bedrooms and one single. Some of the double bedrooms can accommodate up to three people if you have a particularly large party. And extra accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets is available within 5 minutes drive of the studio.

Q: Does the studio provide audio engineers?

Yes. We have three very experienced in house engineers and assistants who have been working with A list artists, indie clients and acts from all over the world in pretty well every genre. You're also very welcome to bring your own engineer, if you choose to.

Q: What if the equipment breaks down?

We have a regular maintenance programme at Karma supported by top technicians from the UK who make regular visits to the studio, alongside the very best maintenance team in Bangkok. We don't expect the equipment to break down, but in the event of any problem we replace or fix the equipment as fast as humanly possible, so that there is the least disruption to the session (if any).

Q: Can I smoke in the villa and the studio?

Smoking is not allowed inside the closed rooms throughout the villa or the studio, but there are designated smoking areas, but feel free to enjoy an "ear break" with a cool drink by the pool or on the roof terrace!

Q: Is food included in the price?

Yes, full catering for up to 5 people is included in the daily lock out price. For larger groups please enquire.

Q: Do you cater for vegetarians or for people with special dietary requirements?

Yes! Vegetarians are very well catered for in Thailand with exceptional fresh vegetables, tofu dishes, and the wonderful array of exotic fruits. For those who eat fish and seafood, you're also certainly heading to the right place!

Q: Is security good at Karma and can you arrange VIP pick up and transit at the airport?

Yes indeed. We have security guards working 24/7/365 and CCTV that can be switched on or off at your discretion. We've often negotiated VIP passage through the airport when required.

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