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  • Neumann
    • Neumann U 87 (x2)

      Neumann U 87

      The Neumann U87 features 3 switchable polar patterns and has a -10dB pad. A very popular microphone.

    • Neumann KM 100 (x2)

      Neumann KM 100

    • Neumann KM 84i (x3)

      Neumann KM 84i

      The KM 84i is a small-diaphragm FET condenser with a fixed Cardioid pickup pattern. It was the world’s first phantom-powered microphone, built to run on 48v DC. Its design goal was to be as small as possible; the model name ‘KM’ stands for Kleine Mikrofon (“small microphone”). Although discontinued in 1992, the KM-84i remains a favorite of vintage mic enthusiasts for drum overheads and hi-hat applications.

  • AKG
    • AKG C 414 B-ULS (x3)

      AKG C 414 B-ULS

      The C414 B-ULS is THE reference microphone for almost all comparative microphone tests and one of the most used condenser microphones in the world. It is the microphone of choice for miking up vocals, grand pianos, percussions, and any other sound sources with complex waveforms. A gold-sputtered 1-inch dual-diaphragm and Ultra Linear Series electronics combine to provide an extremely smooth frequency response.

    • AKG 414 Vintage (x2)

      AKG 414 Vintage

    • AKG C 451 (x2)

      AKG C 451

      The AKG C451 is a small diaphragm condenser with a bright airy sound.

    • AKG D 112 (x2)

      AKG D 112

    • AKG C 1000 S

      AKG C 1000 S

  • Sennheiser
    • Sennheiser 421 (x6)

      Sennheiser 421

    • Sennheiser MKH 30 (x3)

      Sennheiser MKH 30

    • Sennheiser E 901

      Sennheiser E 901

    • Sennheiser e 845

      Sennheiser e 845

  • Shure
    • Shure SM 57 (x8)

      Shure SM 57

    • Shure SM7B (x2)

      Shure SM7B

      The SM7B is a selectable frequency response cardioid microphone that delivers warm and smooth audio reproduction in close-proximity studio and vocal applications, while shielding from electromagnetic hum.

    • Shure SM 58 (x4)

      Shure SM 58

    • Shure Beta 52 (x2)

      Shure Beta 52

  • Coles
    • Coles 4038 Ribbon (x2)

      Coles 4038 Ribbon

  • Rode
    • Rode NT1-A (x2)

      Rode NT1-A

    • Rode NT-5 (x2)

      Rode NT-5

  • Aston
    • Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic (x2)

      Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic

    • Aston Origin Cardiod LDC (x2)

      Aston Origin Cardiod LDC

  • Electrovoice
    • Electro Voice RE-20 (x2)

      Electro Voice RE-20

  • Schoeps
    • Schoeps CMC 5U

      Schoeps CMC 5U

  • Vanguard
    • Vanguard V13 (x2)

      Vanguard V13

  • B&W
    • Bruel & Kjaer 4006

      Bruel & Kjaer 4006

  • Audio Technica
    • Audio Technica AT831b

      Audio Technica AT831b

  • Audix
    • Audix D6

      Audix D6

  • Yamaha
    • Yamaha Subkick

      Yamaha Subkick

  • Piezo
    • Piezo WX-172

      Piezo WX-172