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"In the music business, the truly hungry never starve. "

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Make Believe Studios is a 3800 sq. ft. facility located in the heart of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Owned and operated by engineers, Rick Carson and Jeremy Deaton, our mantra from day one has been Concept, Implementation, and Execution. To that end, Rod Gervais designed our three complementary rooms to accomodate the needs of any project, regardless of budget or size. In order to achieve the sound you're looking for we've acquired a vast collection of vintage outboard gear to bring a unique color and sound -- blending analog and digital recording techniques, we are committed to getting the perfect sound for everyone.

Studio B features a 750 sq. ft. live room and isolation booth ideal for accomodating projects ranging in size from singer songwriters to large ensembles. The attached control room houses an API Legacy as well as a wide array of vintage outboard gear.

Studio C is home to a highly modified SSL 4000 along with many pieces of vintage gear from famous studios, including Muscle Shoals, Motown and Capitol. This room is ideal for both mixing and tracking.

Studio D is our production suite. A mirrored design to that of Studio C, it includes identical montitoring, providing a seamless transition between production and mixing. Set up for "in the box" productions, the room also includes an impressive collection of new and vintage synthesizers. A separate isolation booth also provides additional tracking space, servicing both studios C and D.

Knowing how every project has it's own set of challenges, from an equipment standpoint Make Believe Studios was designed to be as flexible as possible. All three studios are equipped to track and moniter between rooms and most of our outboard gear lives in mobile racks that can be used interchangeably between all three studios.

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