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"In the music business, the truly hungry never starve. "

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Studio D Equipment

  • Console
    • Inward Connections DMS summing console

      Inward Connections DMS

  • Pro Tools
    • Black Lion Audio Avid 002

      Black Lion Audio Avid 002

    • Avid Pro Tools 10

      Avid Pro Tools 10

  • Keyboards/Synths
    • Fender Rhodes

      Fender Rhodes

    • Wurlitzer 200A

      Wurlitzer 200A

    • Moog microMoog

      Moog microMoog

    • Hammond 102100

      Hammond 102100

    • Yamaha DX-7 Electric Piano

      Yamaha DX-7 Electric Piano

    • Hohner String Performer

      Hohner String Performer

    • Krumar Roadrunner

      Krumar Roadrunner

    • Moog Minimoog

      Moog Minimoog

      Since its introduction forty years ago, musicians have used the Minimoog, the world’s first portable synthesizer to express their creative muse in live performance and recordings. The Voyager is the definitive American synthesizer, a lovingly hand-crafted, monophonic, monotimbral high performance instrument with enormous sonic range and possibilities.

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    • Moog Realistic Synthesizer

      Moog Realistic Synthesizer

    • Korg microKORG

      Korg microKORG

    • Kawai 100 Monophonic synth

      Kawai 100 Monophonic synth

  • Other
    • Peterson VS-R Strobo Rack Tuner

      Peterson VS-R Strobo Rack Tuner

    • Yamaha NS10M Monitors

      Yamaha NS10M Monitors

      A prominent mid range and incredibly focused sound monitoring system.

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    • Avalon U5 Preamp/DI

      Avalon U5 Preamp/DI

    • Yamaha P2200 Power Amp

      Yamaha P2200 Power Amp

    • Kemper Profiler Profiling Guitar Amp

      Kemper Profiler Profiling Guitar Amp

    • Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulator

      Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulator

      The PDI03 Palmer speaker simulator combines load impedance, a signal splitter and DI box especially designed for guitars. All functions are optimised for live and recording applications.

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    • Akai MPC3000

      Akai MPC3000

    • Akai MPC2000 MIDI Production Centre

      Akai MPC2000 MIDI Production Centre

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