Make Believe Studios

"In the music business, the truly hungry never starve. "

Make Believe Studios Floorplan

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Studio B (Live Room/Control Room)

Studio B features 1600 sq. ft. live room with a drum enclave, isolation booth, and can accommodate anything from singer songwriters to a small orchestral group. Our collection of instruments will keep even the most hungry musicians busy, featuring a Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, 2 Wurlitzer 200A piano, Yamaha C7 grand piano, Fender, Gibson, Orange, Silvertone, Mesa Boogie, and Vox guitars and amps, 1960's Ludwig drums, a custom mahogany kit from Q drums, and many other drums and snares.

The control room features an API Legacy console with 16 channels of API mic pres and 16 channels of Millenia Pre amps, and a wide variety of outboard gear.  

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