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Space Mountain Area Overview

Space Mountain is located on the South West side of the Sierra Nevada National Park. The closest village is Albuñuelas, and the town of Durcel and the Lecrin Valley are a short drive away. The nearest city is Granada, one of Spain's most beautiful and historical destinations, which sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains roughy half an hour North of Space Mountain (by car).

The climate in this part of Andalucia is often compared to that of southern California, however the culture could not be more different. The area is rich in creative genius, perhaps expressed best by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca who claimed that Granada and its surrounding area was Europe's last pocket of Dyionison culture, exemplified by its rich poetic folk traditions and reputation as the home of flamenco's greatest musicians. You can read more about the region's affinity with Flamenco and Duende culture here.

Since the days of Lorca, many other prominent artistic figures have become associated with travelling to the region, amongst them: Virginia Woolf, who in the 1920s travelled here along with other members of the Bloomsbury group; and popular musicians such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. There are still many writers and artists living in the valley today, who have continued a vibrant community of creatives all drawn to the majestic and spiritual nature of Sierra Nevada.

The Sierra Nevada is the largest national park in Spain, and is home to over 20 mountains that climb over 3,000 meters, the highest being Mulhacén, Veleta and Alcazaba. A number of rivers flowing into the Guadalquivir basin and Mediterranean Sea, contribute to the stunning beauty of the park, which is enjoyed all year round by visitors partaking in acitivites such as skiing, hiking and paragliding.

The park is a melting pot of wildlife. It is home to a large population of Spanish Ibex, wild boar, martens, wildcats and badgers; bird species include the Golden Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, Common Kestrel and various owls. Many of these wild animals can be spotted from the recording studio itself providing another unique source of inspiration...

Within walking distance of Space Mountain are ancient stone circles that scatter the surrounding land, and less than half an hour's drive away are waterfalls and pools that are great for swimming. Hot natural springs and the stunning beaches of the Costa tropical coast are also close.

Around half an hour's drive from Space Mountain is the historical University city of Granada. This beautiful destination, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the North West side of the park, is one of Spain's key tourist spots due to classic buildings such as the world famous Alhambra, Cathedral of Granada and Royal Chapel of Granada. The combination of a large student population and a closely-knit, welcoming community contribute to the city's fantastic nightlife.

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