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Space Mountain - Artist in Residence

Space Mountain also offers an "Artist in Residence " facility , whereby the musicians and producer can choose to have another artist from a different discipline - for example, a Painter, Sculpture, Conceptual artist - stay in the house. They would have their own studio and at some point collaborate with the artists in the recording studio and vice versa. This creates an interesting synergy, can encourage musicians open up to new ways of creativity, and can really help "writers block". We have invited two artists on sessions so far, with considerable results on both occasions.

"In my experience its a wonderful way to open up the unexpected and amazing surprises of inspiration can happen. It can also give the recording story a bit more interest, and is good for video films , Electronic Press Kits as well as excellent internet content." - Youth

Bands are asked to provide the artist with a bed and meals, however an actual artist's fee is not usually required. Should the band want to use/purchase the artist's work they negotiate directly with them during or afterwards, otherwise the artist's material remains in their ownership. We can help approach a variety of amazing artists of a high caliber working in various disciplines, or the band can contact and arrange sessions themselves. So far we have worked with conceptual artist Tracey Moberly (Bill Drummond, Text me up) and abstract impressionist artist Caroline Cary.

We do ask the artist to donate a piece of work to the studio and we also ask guests to leave a book signed by them for the library or a DVD.

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